John (buildsthefire) wrote in johnfante,

Hello i'm new to the Fante community, i used to run the old one, then i went mad, and i went away, so hello.
i like that short story 'My Mothers Goofy Song' it ends;

she meant me, she meant i didn't do it, which is nuts because i did do it. And if she wants proof she can go down to the jailhouse and see mine and dibbers names cut in the wall.
Dibber cut his "Kansas city Lannon"
I cut mine: Two Gun Toscanathe Death Kid.
I like mine best.

Any of you english people got this cold its going around isn't it.
Oh and have any of you read the selected letters, i rread the first few pages on amazon, and they are almost too private to read, the way he speaks to his mum is amazing.
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