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John Fante Articles from 1936

While I was in California this summer, I made a quick stop by in Roseville, which is just outside Sacramento. Roseville is a town where Fante lived with his family for some time in the 30s.

While he was there, he wrote 6 articles for the Roseville Tribune and Register, from September 11, 1936 to October 7, 1936. Anyway, I visited the library while I was there and brought back with me copies of the six articles. So here they are:


So there we go. Outside of Bravo, Burro and his screenplays, I'm pretty sure I've read everything John Fante now. At least, everything semi-regularly available.

At some point in the near future, I'll have pictures of me holding an original copy of Ask the Dust, because the library had copies of that, Dago Red, and Wait Until Spring, Bandini, all signed by Fante himself.

The terrible part was that the pages that were signed were all torn up, presumably because the library had stuck some sort of ID sticker in the front and then torn it out... I almost cried seeing that. It hurt me almost physically.

Anyway, there's the articles, enjoy them.
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