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Ask the Dust

I posted a review of the film Ask the Dust over at my blog Mere Words. Enjoy. 

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i'm really disappointed to see this sad adaptation come to life. salma hayek and colin farrell? yeah, that's exactly who i pictured when i read the lie! i remember reading the description of the movie about two years ago -- it didn't even sound like the same book.

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No, I didn't feel that it operated from Camilla's perspective -- nor did it operate from Bandini's. The movie never got "in his head," say, in the way a movie like TAXI DRIVER did: where you saw things the way Travis Bickle did and you understood how what he saw influenced what he did, no matter how reprehensible it might be. You didn't condone what he did -- but you understood it.
i have a really hard time thinking i can watch the film -- it feels/sounds like it operates too much in the director's own perspective -- and that, (no matter how much he loved the book), he *actually* didn't get it..
I think he "got it" when he read it, but he lost it when it came to getting it onscreen. I'd just wait for it to come out on DVD. It's the kind of movie that will seem less overblown on the small screen, which may help it. In any case, it remains a disappointment.