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Fante Articles from the LA Times

I was searching around for a Ben Pleasants article today and also stumbled upon these three shorter pieces by John Fante for the LA Times. I figured people would be interested in seeing these. If you haven't seen them, spread them. These are precious gems from the pen of Fante and easily worth the $8 and change I paid for 'em.

And if you've seen 'em already, have them, and love them... You shoulda let me know before I bought 'em!


Seriously though, here they are:

Goodbye Bunker Hill
Smog Defended
A Space Ship Off Malibu

As a bonus, here's the Ben Pleasants piece that I was searching for too:

Stories of Irony From the Hand of John Fante

PDF files, gotta have Adobe (and why wouldn't you already in this day and age, honestly?), and they total to about half a MB, so no big downloads. Hurrah!

So go crazy nuts and enjoy. If you like what you see, pass it on. And if anyone has those pieces that he did for the Colorado paper (I think it was anyhow...) let me know!

Oh and if those links don't work, you can always email me at onehitwonder13 at hotmail dot com and I'll be glad to pass them along to you.
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